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We’re rooted in science, care, and choice.

Medical cannabis is a natural remedy that blooms with possibilities—from providing patients with physical and psychological relief to creating innovative career paths. That’s why Curio Wellness is dedicated to providing Marylanders premium medical cannabis that is safe, effective, and reliable. 


Named best flower in Maryland by 

Chew on this.

There’s a whole new way to meet your wellness needs, thanks to Medicated Chews from Curio Wellness. Offered in a variety of flavors and potency levels, they’re perfect for precise dosing and on-the-go convenience.

THC-infused to deliver unique relief for qualified patients.

OH is the first intimacy-enhancing line of products from Curio Wellness. Available in vape, flower, and intimacy oil.

Discover Dixie.

As the exclusive in-state partner of Colorado-based Dixie Brands, we’re proud to manufacture and distribute their innovative products to dispensaries across Maryland.

“Curio has by far the best quality grown flower in Maryland hands down. All flowers are done right and caked up with trichomes and the nose is always on point…”
-Weedmaps Review
“These chews taste great, consistency is good and effects = wonderful bliss. Kudos once again Curio Wellness”
- @Maryland.Connoisseur
“Curio’s Intimacy Oil relieved my menstrual cramps! 5/5 stars!”
- Instagram Review
“Professional with some of the best quality in this area.”
– Google Review
“A one-stop shop for vitamins, oils, pet products, etc….Knowledgeable and very friendly staff. I’ve been to several other cannabis dispensaries, this is the best by far. I would highly recommend Curio Wellness!”
– Google Review

Backed by science.
Grown for results.

Everything we grow and process comes from our state-of-the-art, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility under the watchful eye of healthcare and agricultural experts. Every product we develop is backed by science, and precisely formulated to target specific patient conditions.

Curio Wellness: Committed To Cultivating A Better Way Of Life With Cannabis

At Curio Wellness we are committed to cultivating a better way of life. Our goal is to reimagine wellness to better serve patients with targeted, effective and reliable cannabis-based medicine....  Read more