Adult Use FAQs

Medical is currently the only legal cannabis program in Maryland. Adult-use sales are not estimated to begin until July 2023 at the earliest.

Even though an adult-use program is in Maryland’s future, the medical program will still be active. Both programs will live alongside each other, potentially with vast differences.

Maryland has not established the regulations around its adult-use program yet. However, if we look at what other states have done, we can expect the adult-use and medical programs to differ in these types of ways:

1. Adult use will likely have an excise tax in addition to MD sales tax. Medical is not currently taxed and we do not expect it to be taxed in the future.

2. Adult use may have lower dose products than medical.

3. Adult use may have lower purchasing limitations than medical.

4. Medical patients may get priority over adult-use customers when visiting a dispensary.

We anticipate anyone who wants to participate in the medical program will continue to be required to be certified by a provider for access to this program.

We also anticipate there will be products available to medical patients that will not be available in adult use. This will be defined in the coming months.

Adult-use purchases will likely not require any registration, but will require a state-issued ID, since all customers must be over 21.

The tax rules have not been established. However, we do not expect medical cannabis purchases to be taxed since they have never been taxed in the state of Maryland.

The product assortment parameters have not been established between the two programs, but we expect that the testing requirements will be the same for both programs.

The program is not yet defined and will not be until Maryland’s legislative session, occurring between Jan-April 2023.

In other states that have an adult-use cannabis program, a person does not need to be from the state to make an adult-use cannabis purchase. However, it is illegal to cross state lines with any cannabis products purchased in a legal state.

There is no material difference between the terms “adult use” and “recreational”. They are synonymous for an adult’s ability to purchase cannabis products at a dispensary, without a medical card, when presenting a state-issued ID confirming 21 years of age or older.