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See what we've been up to lately in the news, and around town.

Curio Wellness turns one

The company has grown from a staff of about 20 to 82 to in the past year, and is eyeing expansions into other states with legal medical cannabis programs.
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Medical cannabis industry on the rise in Baltimore County, city and state

“It’s an ancient medicine that’s been around as long as time has been recorded” ... Read more

Curio Wellness opens spa in their Timonium dispensary.

When you think Curio Wellness, you probably think medical cannabis. You probably don’t think luxurious day spa where you can ... Read more

MPT JUNE 18,2018

The latest on medical marijuana in MD ... Read more

Curio Wellness Center - Cultivating Cannabis

The 98 Rock morning show talks to Chris Holshouser, Director of Cultivation Operations at Curio Wellness. ... Read more

Up Close With ... Michael Bronfein, CEO of Curio Wellness

In this edition of Up Close With, Michael Bronfein, CEO of Curio Wellness, shares information on the medical cannabis industry ... Read more

Family-Owned Cannabis Purveyor Puts Down Roots in Lutherville

Singling out the right seedling to become the matriarch, or “mother plant,” for a full-fledged cannabis-growing operation is a lot ... Read more

Medical Cannabis Blossoms in Baltimore

As one of the Baltimore region’s first medical cannabis facilities, this large industrial space looks like a futuristic science lab, ... Read more

40 Under 40: Wendy Bronfein, Curio Wellness

Wendy Bronfein is the director of marketing and product development at Curio Wellness. "You’ve got to have that grit. It ... Read more