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FAQs on Curio Wellness Vape Products

  • Do Curio vapes contain Vitamin E Acetate?

    All Curio vape products do not contain vitamin E Acetate and comply with state testing regulations. Certificate of Analyses (Documentation received from our state-licensed, third-party laboratory used by the State to verify compliance) for our vape products are linked here.


  • What’s in Curio Vapes?

    Curio vapes have always, and continue to, exclusively use CO2 extraction to achieve direct from the plant cannabis oil, processed from 100% Curio Wellness flower, grown in our Maryland licensed, state of the art, hygienic facility. Our CO2 vapes feature only Curio cannabis oil, free of any additives and a terpene profile that is natural to, and derived from, our very own flower (furthermore, we do not infuse our vapes with non- cannabis derived, nor purchased terpenes). As a licensed Maryland medical cannabis company, our products are always tested by a state licensed third-party laboratory before being sold to licensed Maryland medical cannabis dispensaries.


  • Where does Curio get flower for their vapes?
    We only use 100% Curio Wellness flower grown in our licensed, state-of-the-art, hygienic cultivation facility.



  • What kind of vape cartridge does Curio use?

    Curio Wellness exclusively uses 3Winn CCell Vape Cartridges featuring a ceramic atomizer. These cartridges are produced in an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified facility. CCell cartridges are distributed with a certificate of analysis confirming they passed heavy metal testing.


  • Are there additives in Curio Vapes?

    No. We do not add anything to our Curio Wellness Vapes they contain only cannabis oil. We do not use botanical, purchased terpenes to supplement our vape cartridges. Curio Wellness vapes contain cannabis oil and a terpene profile that is natural to and derived from our very own flower.


  • Does Curio buy terpenes to infuse their vapes?

    No. Curio Wellness does not use botanical, nor purchased terpenes to supplement our vape cartridges. The terpene profile featured in Curio Wellness vapes is natural to and derived from Curio Wellness hygienically cultivated flower. We use a proprietary solvent-less, scientific method to extract and preserve strain specific terpenes in order to translate the authenticity of the original flower into a vape cartridge.


  • Do Curio vapes contain only cannabis oil?

    Yes. Curio Wellness vapes contain only cannabis oil derived from our very own hygienically grown, third party lab tested flower.


  • Are Curio vapes lab tested?

    Yes. Per Maryland medical cannabis regulations, all cultivation and processed products, including vapes, produced by a licensed Maryland medical cannabis cultivator and/or processor are tested by state licensed third-party laboratories before being sold to dispensaries.