As a Curio Preferred Member, you're invited to our “Distilling Distillates” webinar.

Join us for an exclusive discussion, sales training, and Q&A focused on these new, highly concentrated extracts. We’ll go over how our distillates achieve purity levels exceeding 90%, why they’re such a revolutionary patient solution, how you can carry them in your dispensary, and more.

Session led by Brian Sanderoff, P.D.
Curio Wellness Clinical Director and Dispensary General Manager

Limit 6 logins per dispensary registration. We encourage each dispensary to gather as a group to maximize staff viewing and participation.

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there's power in nothing.

Utilizing highly advanced methods, Curio Wellness’ pharma-grade facility is one of the only ones in Maryland capable of purifying CBD and THC for distillate production. We precisely remove all the extras, leaving only what matters for each product’s intended medicinal benefits.

product no. 5

Distillate No 5.
An ideal 1:1.

Equal parts CBD and THC, this distillate offers an impactful effect for mind and body.

product no. 9

Distillate No 9.
Pure THC.

One of our most concentrated formulas, this distillate offers maximum THC potency.

no color. no additives. no comparison.

As a result of their purity, Curio Wellness distillates have virtually no color or aroma. They are formulated from 100% Curio Wellness cannabis and enhanced with only whole plant terpenes in our pharma-grade lab. They contain no artificial preservatives or flavors.

product shot

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