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Curio Wellness is an emerging medical cannabis brand and trusted healthcare partner. We're dedicated to increasing the accessibility of this therapeutic and medicative plant to a growing population of citizens who seek a transformational solution to their health complications. Our approach is rooted in science, complemented by strategic partnerships, and centered on superior patient care.


Sales Inquiries

We believe you can't be successful without being a true partner. To support our dispensary customers, Curio Wellness will provide a variety of educational materials and operational programs. Our marketing program will highlight the availability of Curio Wellness manufactured products, including Dixie Brands, the #1 cannabis-based product line in the U.S. In the state of Maryland, Curio Wellness is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the full line of Dixie Brand products, which are therefore exclusive to our dispensary customers. Ready to become one?

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Premium Products

Curio Wellness aspires to be the preeminent provider of premium flowers and consumables. Our world-class scientific team focuses its research and development on creating new medical products targeted at specific health conditions. These products will be developed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that ensures safe, reliable, and predictable results.

Premium Products