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Curio Wellness™ Curio Wellness™

Cannabis Sleep Aid

Good sleep tonight.

Better you tomorrow.

Maryland's first cannabis sleep aid using pulse-release technology for sustained release that helps promote healthy sleep.

Sleep well. Simply.

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What makes

Good Night better

Made with you in mind

The science behind Good Night is guided by consumers and supported by pharmaceutical technology and clinical observation. We’ve innovated a better treatment option to help patients experiencing sleep-related issues.

$36.00 MSRP
Purchase Good Night and receive a one-month
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In partnership with SleepScore Labs™, our Scientific Board developed an independent observational study to evaluate the efficacy of Good Night based on actual patient results and feedback.

  • Less tossing & turning

    Study participants reported waking up and getting out of bed less often, and spending less time awake at night.

  • Better quality sleep

    While participating in the clinical trial, patient SleepScores improved, and 65% of patients reported being more satisfied with their sleep quality. Participants slept an average of 20 minutes longer per night, nearly three times more than what some other sleep aids provide.

  • More well-rested tomorrows

    After using Good Night, participants reported feeling well-rested four days a week (up from two days a week prior to product use) and taking fewer daytime naps.


    *Read the published sleep study – click here.