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Edward Rudnic, Ph.D.


During his 30 years as a pharmaceutical executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Rudnic has led several start-ups, public companies, and venture-related funds/companies, including MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Shire Laboratories, and QRx Pharma. At Middlebrook Pharmaceuticals, he led the development of an FDA-approved, anti-infective product. At Shire, he was the lead inventor of Carbatrol/Equetro with cumulative sales of over $1,000,000,000 to date, and co-inventor of Adderall XR with cumulative sales of over $10 billion to date.

Prior to serving most recently as the Chief Operating Officer and CEO of QRx Pharma, Dr. Rudnic served in management roles at Merck (Schering-Plough) and Bristol Myers-Squibb (E.R. Squibb).