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Curio Wellness Offers Science-Based, Patient-Focused Perspective for Food and Drug Administration’s Upcoming Public Hearing on Cannabis-Based Products

Experts from Leading Medical Cannabis Company Urge FDA to De-Schedule Cannabis Products and Regulate them Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to Allow for Safe, Affordable Medical Cannabis Throughout the U.S.

TIMONIUM, Md., May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Baltimore-based Curio Wellness’ scientific leadership will be attending and offering comment at the FDA’s upcoming public hearing on products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds. As the market-leading medicinal cannabis company in Maryland, Curio will provide a scientifically-grounded, patient-focused perspective and will urge the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to de-schedule cannabis products and regulate them under the FDA Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Curio Wellness believes this is the best course of action to restore balance between Federal and State governments, and to ensure appropriate regulation of cannabis products consistent with all other drugs and supplements.

Curio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Edward Rudnic, Ph.D., and Director of Compliance, Aaron Schwartz, were selected to attend the FDA’s public hearing slated for Friday, May 31, 2019 at the FDA’s White Oak Campus in Silver Spring. They will submit written testimony articulating Curio’s position and will follow up with commentary in response to Friday’s discussion.

“This is a historic moment in the regulatory journey of this vital alternative medicine that millions of Americans rely upon each day,” said Edward Rudnic, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Curio Wellness. “Curio has continually been active and engaged in promoting a proper direction for the medicinal cannabis industry by taking an approach that is deeply rooted in scientific knowledge and the needs of and safety for patients. We are hopeful this hearing will lead to the FDA taking action to allow for an appropriate balance of regulation at the Federal and State level and the increased availability of innovative medicinal cannabis products in a safe and cost-effective manner.”

Curio’s detailed comments will highlight and reinforce the rationale for de-scheduling cannabis at the Federal level and lay out a case for regulating cannabis under the FD&C Act. In serving tens of thousands of patients through Maryland’s medicinal cannabis program, the team at Curio has seen the transformative impact these treatment options can have as a non-curative, quality-of-life enhancing product as well as a solution for chronic illness therapy where treatment options may be unknown or are cost-prohibitive.

“Since its inception, Curio has taken a traditional scientific and patient-centered approach to growing, processing, and dispensing medicinal cannabis that has placed us at the forefront of innovation in areas of both product innovation and public policy,” said Michael Bronfein, CEO of Curio Wellness. “Our unrelenting commitment to providing safe, effective, reliable medicinal cannabis products drives the Curio team to share our knowledge and perspective to help shape public policy that benefits patients.”

To view the comments Curio Wellness plans to submit, please visit https://curiowellness.com/FDAcomments.

About Curio Wellness:
Curio Wellness is a medicinal cannabis brand and trusted healthcare partner. We are a bold new voice in the quest for wellness – providing a growing patient population with a much-needed natural treatment for a vast number of disease states. Led by a proven and experienced executive and scientific team, our approach is rooted in science, complemented by strategic partnerships, and centered on superior patient care.

Curio Wellness is one of 15 licensed growers and one of 17 licensed processors of medical cannabis in the state of Maryland and also operates a best in class holistic wellness center featuring the full complement of medicinal cannabis products from producers throughout the state. Curio Wellness products are also sold at more than 70 dispensaries throughout the state.