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Curio Wellness Statement on Proposed Expansion

“At Curio our mission is to cultivate a better way of life – for our patients, customers, employees, and all Marylanders. In order to continue to fulfill that mission, on May 11th, pursuant to our state-issued Grower License, we applied to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to expand our cultivation capacity on an auxiliary site in Kent County rather than at our current Timonium location.

Being a trusted business operator and neighbor, wherever we go, is fundamental to our business. And while our existing location has the space for expansion, which is permitted under the Commission’s standing precedent by way of simple notification, the property and the surrounding community are not suited for a greenhouse operation. As a result, our application proposes a 40,000 square foot greenhouse to cultivate our award-winning medicinal cannabis and a separate 5,000 square foot greenhouse laboratory to conduct industry-leading agricultural research and plant development. The first of its kind in Maryland, this research facility will provide our plant scientists and researchers with a platform to develop new strains that improve medicinal efficacy, resulting in a wider array of indication specific medicinal products.

In this unprecedented crisis, we are excited to partner with Kent County to support the growth of their local economy and further the geographic footprint of Maryland’s medical cannabis program. Our proposal will create up to 100 permanent full-time jobs and a substantial number of short-term new construction jobs.

As a natural resources-driven and agricultural economy, our proposed auxiliary site in Kent County will allow us to continue to provide Maryland patients with reliable, cGMP certified, cannabis-based medicine in an environment and community better equipped for greenhouse operations, while providing living wage jobs to our neighbors on the eastern shore.

This expanded capacity will also enable us to continue to supply a growing demand of plant material to independent processors while maintaining our commitment to price stability for our patients and 88 dispensary partners statewide, despite the growth in the program and associated demand.

We look forward to working with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and the greater Kent County community to bring this project to life, stimulate economic growth locally, serve patients across the state, and help support a diverse, vibrant cannabis industry right here in Maryland.”

-Wendy Bronfein, Co-founder, Curio Wellness


About Curio Wellness

Founded and based in Maryland, Curio Wellness is a family-owned and operated cGMP certified medical cannabis company and trusted healthcare partner. We’re dedicated to increasing the accessibility of this therapeutic and medicative plant to a growing population of citizens who seek a transformational solution to their health complications.