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Curio Wellness, SunMed Growers Collaboration Delivers New, Mood-Based Cannabis Vape Line Designed By, For Millennials

Curio Wellness, SunMed Growers Collaboration Delivers New, Mood-Based Cannabis Vape Line Designed By, For Millennials

Innovative New Offering Provides a Solution to Patient Need, Providing a Specialized Mood-Based Cannabis Solution for Every Time of the Day

BALTIMORE, Maryland – Today, two Maryland-based cannabis companies introduced Y3K, a unique, curated cannabis offering for consumers across the state. The new line – a result of a collaboration between Curio Wellness and SunMed Growers – provides a mood-based vape line developed by millennials and targeted for millennial consumers.

“The new Y3K line continues the Curio Wellness legacy of focusing on a medical-based, scientifically driven approach, capitalizing on our cGMP-certified manufacturing processes and R&D efforts to deliver a targeted solution for all Maryland patients,” said Wendy Bronfein, Co-Founder, Chief Brand Officer and Director of Public Policy at Curio Wellness. “At a moment when patients are facing unprecedented challenges in every aspect of their life, Y3K will deliver consistent results they can count on no matter what they’re facing.”

Available in three moods, Power Up, Reboot and Shut Down, Y3K is formulated to deliver repeatable results based on a patient’s specific need. Whether patients are looking for a boost in the morning, a refresh mid-day, or a calming effect in the evening, Y3K offers a controlled cannabis solution with cutting-edge plant technology. The Y3K line was developed with an attention to strain consistency and the use of an intentional botanical terpene blend, the natural botanicals, found in all plants, that improve the performance of medical cannabis. By using the same plant strains and identifying an exact botanical terpene ratio for each vape, the product delivers a consistent experience derived from Curio’s known innovation that Maryland medical cannabis patients rely on.

“We are honored to be a part of the first collaboration between two Maryland owned companies for medical cannabis,” added Jake Van Wingerden, President of SunMed Growers. “This unique collaboration originated to address the patient’s everyday need, and together, we combined Curio Wellness’s innovative and digitally-powered science with our sun-grown medical cannabis flower to meet patient demand.”

For this one-of-a kind collaboration in Maryland, SunMed Growers provided plant material and Curio Wellness produced the Y3K line of vapes. All Y3K vapes are available today, May 10th, in medical cannabis dispensaries statewide and at the Curio Wellness Center in Timonium. Patients can find exact locations at www.curiowellness.com/y3k.

About Y3K
Y3K was created by millennials, for millennials, to provide patients with a curated mood-based vape line, at an accessible price point. Alluding to a digitalized future, Y3K is named for its strategically formulated and digitally-developed products. Y3K is dedicated to actual innovation and provides patients with an authentically targeted product every time. As a result of its stringent R&D process, Y3K formulas deliver reliable results. The Y3K brand is powered by Curio Wellness.

About Curio Wellness
Founded and based in Maryland, Curio Wellness is a family-founded and operated cGMP certified medical cannabis company and trusted healthcare partner. We’re dedicated to increasing the accessibility of this therapeutic and medicative plant to a growing population of citizens who seek a transformational solution to their health complications. For more information, visit www.curiowellness.com.

About SunMed Growers:
SunMed Growers and SunMed Labs are owned and operated by Jake Van Wingerden in Cecil County, Maryland. Marrying science and passion with state-of-the-art, “Dutch-style” greenhouse cultivation practices, SunMed provides Maryland patients with natural medicine grown in full-spectrum sunlight – setting the standard for clean and sustainable medical cannabis.

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