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Curio Wellness

Mango Ginger Chews

$30 for 10mg THC
$45 for 25mg THC


Precisely infused with CO2 distillate, Curio Wellness Medicated Chews deliver relief that's right for you. They are vegan and made with natural flavors and colors, providing a pure and convenient treatment option. Made exclusively with Curio Wellness flower - named best in Maryland by Leafly.

  • Potential symptom relief: pain, insomnia, muscle spasms
  • 10mg dose may produce these effects: relief from pain with an increased euphoric effect
  • 25mg dose may produce these effects: relief from chronic pain with a strong euphoric effect

Onset: 60-90 minutes

Duration: 3-5 hours

  • 10 MG THC
  • 25 MG THC


Nutritional Information:

12 calories per chew

3g sugar

3g carbohydrates


Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Apple Pectin, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Color (made from vegetable juice), Mineral Oil, Carnauba Wax, Cannabis Oil